4-star hotel Palermo with spa

4-star hotel Palermo with spa

4-star hotel Palermo with spa

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4-star hotel Palermo with spa

The 4-star Federico II hotel in Palermo is ready to delight its guests with a relaxing holiday dedicated to wellness in its spa.

The spa is open to both guests and visitors every day between 2.30 pm and 8.30 pm.

Inside you’ll find a swimming pool, a Finnish sauna, a Turkish bath with aromatherapy, a wellness area, a massage cabin and changing rooms.

It’s the perfect place to recharge, release stress, eliminate all the toxins that you’ve accumulated over time, and to regenerate body and mind.

A wide range of treatments and packages is available, such as the “Percorso Spa” program that includes the swimming pool, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath with aromatherapy, wellness area, massage cabin and changing rooms.


Our qualified staff will pamper you with an indulging massage, using oils and aromas. Discover our range of 12 massages, either energetic, circulatory or relaxing.

You will also find three skincare treatments: face/body exfoliation; body exfoliation and relaxing massage; face exfoliation, mask and massage.

If you’d like to enjoy a more complete experience, you can combine a 50-minute relaxing massage with the 60-minute “Percorso Spa” program.

 Special discounts with two types of package:

  • Massage package: 5 massages – 1 free; 10 massages – 2 free;
  • Spa package: 5 programs – 15% off; 10 programs – 20% off.

For an even more exclusive experience, you can reserve the entire beauty centre for groups of maximum 6 people.